Advance Placement (AP) Parent Meeting

Dear East Orange School District Family,

As we continue to focus on providing our students with the best educational opportunities, we would like to bring to your attention a valuable resource that can help us achieve this goal: Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Advanced Placement courses offer our students a chance to challenge themselves academically and prepare for college-level coursework. We believe that these classes can significantly benefit our students, and we want to make sure that parents are aware of the advantages of enrolling their children in AP courses.

To facilitate this we are inviting parents to join us on October 17th for a virtual meeting at 10:00amor 6:30pm.  We will discuss the benefits of being in AP classes, eligibility criteria, steps to enroll, and more.

By sharing this information with parents, we hope to encourage more students to consider enrolling in AP classes, which can enhance their educational journey and better prepare them for future success. Parents can click Here to join the meeting or open the attachment and click on the flier directly.


We thank you for your continued support of our students’ educational growth. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Dr. Fagen, Supervisor of Social Studies at [email protected] or Mr. Hamby, Supervisor of Testing & Compliance at [email protected] .