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School Leadership

Truth's Leadership Team:

Sojourner Truth Middle School's Leadership team is made up of the school's Administrators, Climate & Culture Specialist, Data Coach, the Educational Coaches (Math, ELA), Guidance Counselor, Social Worker, Child Study Team, Dean of Discipline, Technology Lead, Technology Teacher and the Social Studies and Science Department Leads. The team meets on a weekly basis to discuss the school and all its stakeholders. During these meetings, the team analyzes and evaluates the schools needs and creates action plans to address them, creating an even more productive and successful school environment for all scholars. Below are Truth's leadership team members along with their titles and email addresses. Please feel free to contact any of the members via email with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Flore-Nadeige Lovett
School Principal

Ms. Elisha Washington
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Lisa Deleon-Smith/Climate & Culture Specialist
Mr. David Zatorski/Data Coach
Ms. Towana Wilson/ English Language Arts Coach
Mrs. Yasmin Mebarez/Mathematics Coach
Ms. FatimaMcCoy-Leonard/School Counselor
Mr. Brandon Chambers/School Counselor
Mr. Marion Bell/ Disciplinarian
Ms. Alicia Smith/Child Study Team 
  [email protected]storange.k12.nj.us
Mrs. Aimie Smith/Lead Technology Teacher
 [email protected]astorange.k12.nj.us
Ms. Tiffany Oglesby-Rhoden/Technology Teacher
Mrs. Megan Tyre/Social Studies Lead